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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flying Blind....

Before I go into this new post of mine...I would just like to point out that I love all women. I've dated all types of women and truly believe that beauty is what you make it.  Blah Blah Blah...ok..enough of that touchy shit...

So as a guy, growing up...all I did was think about women. And over time, we all figure out what kind of person we want for ourselves. As we grow up, we surround ourselves with friends and try to hook each other up with someone. To play that wingman or winggal or whatever you girls call it.

Some of my close friends know the kind of girls I like. They learn through being around me and asking me. BUT THEN....I have people around me that ASSUME what kind of girl they should hook me up with.

Let me paint the picture really quick:

My friend and I are driving around the city because we are bored as hell. We are talking about life, sports and cracking jokes. We stop by a bar to chill for happy hour and just enjoy ourselves. Two women walk in. Both on the thicker side.

Friend: "Hey Playa, Check those honeys out. That's all you playa. Go handle that" (Note, he isn't joking around)
Me: (in my mind) (THIS MOTHERFUCKER) 

This D-BAG !!! My boy honestly thinks I should holla at every big girl that walks through the door. Obviously this is his first time wingmanning me up so I'm letting him slide on this. Hey, I would talk to any girl for whatever reason...just don't assume all I want are fat chicks. My boy is somewhat a nerd, but I'm not going to assume all he wants to talk to his some nerdy chick. I'm pretty sure he would like to talk to a slim big titty chick once and a while.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't really a pet peeve of mine or anything. But this is just more of a heads up.  Remember, I love all chicks. I will talk to any chick you put in front of me...okay, maybe not ANY chick...but you know what I mean.

I'm pretty sure this goes for women also. 

So, people....Don't assume that your big friend wants to hook up with another big person ALL THE TIME. And just doesn't go for you big friends. This goes for your pack, your bros and sistas, know what they want before you start just throwing them to random motherfuckers.

But to us big folks, it will happen once and a while, whether we like it or not....

Learn about your wingman or your partner in crime....or else...

FML !!!!


  1. Lol real talk. Nice read


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