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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Days 4-10 (24 Day Challenge)

Hey guys, I'm here for the update on my 24 day challenge.

So I've completed the cleanse (10 days) and I must say I feel great. I don't feel sluggish as I usually do and I have more energy throughout the day. My schedule isn't like normal peoples' because I work graveyard. So when it comes to the weekends, I usually just sleep for 5 hours and wake up so I can enjoy the day. It kinda throws off the challenge a little because sometimes 2 days will combine into 1 day(if that makes any sense). I still get cravings for certain foods but that is a part of the process. I feel my stomach shrinking and I get full fast. My mindset has been changing. When I look at foods now, I think more on how it can benefit me or how it can't benefit me.

To do this challenge or any diet really have to be in control of your mind because for the most part..its all in your head. I've overcame cravings due to water and just occupying myself so I don't think about it anymore. And my determination to finish this challenge strong also helps.

Some of my friends have asked me "Do you feel skinny?" To be honest, I have no idea what that question means. All I can say is I feel better. I have more energy. "Do you feel lighter?"....Ummm...I'm a pretty heavy person. But to answer that question...The more energy i have now makes it seem I am lighter because I'm moving around in a quicker pace than usual.

14 more days to go. Shout out to all my friends that are on a diet before Christmas. We can do it. I pray each and every one of us have a stronger mind as the days pass and that we continue to encourage one another. Remember, don't underestimate the power of your own determination. You can do it if you really want it. But ask yourselves....How bad do you want?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 2 & 3. (24 Day Challenge)


3 days into it and I'm feeling good already. I feel the energy throughout the day. ( And I didn't even have to use an energy drink to get through my work shift). My mind is still really determined to do this challenge right and not to cut any corners or cheat. After Day 1, I didn't realized how many supporters I actually had. Didn't know so many people actually believe I can do this. Its an amazing feeling to have the support of my family and friends. And I want to make them proud. 

So some stories....

At the end of day 2...while I was asleep, I had a dream that I accidentally cheated on my diet. I believe I ate some sort of bread and had some corn or something in my dream. I was tripping the hell out in my dream and was saying "Oh shit, it hasn't been 3 days yet and I'm already fucking up on my diet". Thank God it was only a dream...haha. 

No lie, but I'm still having cravings of certain foods. I know its always going to be there but I can honestly say its not bugging me as much as it did the end of  Day 1. 

Also, my friend shared with me a video that was very inspiring. The video actually made me cry because it was so good and inspiring. I posted the video to the right and I encourage everyone to watch it. This just shows the power of ones self determination. AGAIN..THIS IS AN AWESOME VIDEO !!! ( Please let me know if the video doesn't work). 

Other than that...its going great and I'm excited to see the end results on Day 24. Surprising to me, that I am actually having a really positive attitude with this whole challenge. I'm really optimistic that this goal is very attainable. Keep Praying for me and I will do the same for you. 



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 1 (24 Day Challenge)

Ahhh Day 1. Probably going to be the most easiest day out of the challenge. Easy because my mind is focused and determined to pull this thing through. Woke up with a headache so I didn't take my sparks and other stuff right away...which I should of. But I got it done. The Sparks drink doesn't taste too bad at all. And the Fiber drink was ok as well. For Breakfast, I had a shake meal replacement.

On my way to work, I stopped by Subway to get a sandwich. While walking towards subway, there was a new restaurant I didn't notice before and the smell coming from it was just to DIE FOR !!! All I could think about at that moment was "Damn, I need to try this place out." But not until 24 days...shucks. But I got my Turkey Sandwich which will be my lunch and dinner.

After that, I headed to the store to get my some walnuts, almonds and blueberries. (Don't worry, I bought the unsalted and uncoated ones. Just plain ole nuts and berries) As I walked around, I saw my favorite snacks on sale. GRRRRR !!!! But I kept on walking and just bought what I needed. (But I totally forgot to get a carton of egg whites. Dammit)

This whole timing my meals thing is going to be something to get use to. The feeling is like waiting to get off work when you have like an hour left. Time is going by so slowly until it hits that last minute. THE TORTURE !!! But I know I will get use to it as the days go by.

Ahhh man...When lunch time came around...I DEVOURED that 6inch sandwich of mine. I should of ate it slowly but I was too hungry.(Keep in mind, I still had my snack of nuts and berries 2 hours prior) And now I have to wait another 2 hours to eat again...F*** !!! and of course I'm drinking my water.

So after taking my snack...I started to feel the hunger inside of me. While at work, I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (AWESOME MOVIE BY THE WAY)...The intro had everybody eating pizza. ARRRRGGHHHH!!!! I WANT PIZZA !!!! That didn't help at all. But I stayed strong.

So for dinner, I just ate the other half of my footlong sandwich. I DEVOURED that thing also. I decided not to eat any small snack after and just take my pills before I go to bed.

This was my first day. Towards the end of the day, I knew this journey is going to be full of hunger and cravings. I will probably be irritable some days but thats probably going to be part of the process of changing my habits. Am I looking forward to this???? Yes and No. But I want to do this. I want to finish this goal and do my best to do it right.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FML - 24 Day Challenge

Hello everyone...Mark here..also known as Sharky. Yes, I'm the one that brings you the entertainment known as FML aka Fat Mans Life. For those new to my blog, I pretty much just give random scenarios and makes you see how a big person would feel or approach the situation. My blogs are usually filled with humor and loads of laughs. But I'm gonna switch gears...

Serious mode....

Yes, I can joke about this and that but every big person knows that they have to make the hardest choice that changes their life forever. And its the choice to get healthy. Friends and family remind us on a regular basis thinking that we don't think about it. Trust me, we think about it everyday of our lives. Every big person day dreams the day they will be skinny or fit. They day dream about the clothes they can buy and the things they can do when they get skinny. (like ride roller-coasters again =) )

So with all this said. I will be taking a 24 Day challenge brought to you by Advocare. Its a very planned out diet. Bye bye to all the goodies in my life. But I just turned 27 and I ain't getting younger. And I have my big bro David Green to thank. This man has always looked out for me since I was 16 years old. Always wanted the best for me. Even though times I do give up, he still comes around and pushes me to do what is right. So if he believes in me that much...I should prove him right and prove all my haters wrong.

So for the next 24 days, I will be writing a post for each day. Some posts might be combined with 2 days or so depending on how busy I get. But I want to be honest on what I'm doing. I will tell you if I'm doing it right or if I slipped and grabbed me a slice of pizza. You will know all my emotions and thoughts through this process. Pray for me and wish me luck.

FML.... (hoping to change it...slowly but surely)

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Disney Halloween

I"M BACK !!!!

It's been forever since I have wrote on here but I'm back. For how long??? I have no cherish my blogs as they come.

So I just recently came back from my trip to Disneyland and Man was it FUN !!! I had great friends who showed me around the parks and just helped me enjoy the Disney experience.

So this post is going to be a Guideline to all the Big Dudes and Chicks that are planning to go to Disneyland.

First of all... Remember this is a big ass park. And not to mention its two parks. So you know what that  means.... A LOT OF WALKING !!! Prepare yourselves for this shit. I half prepared and suffered for it. Make sure you have some comfortable ass shoes and carry lots of water or a water bottle. (You can refill that shit in the park no problem). Remember to check out the park at your own pace. Take a break on a bench for a few minutes and people watch. You are not going to enjoy the Disney magic when you are bitching about how tired and hurting you are.

Second..MAN OH MAN !!! Make sure you have money for food. And I mean bring  at least 200 dollars for food. Yes, I said it...200 dollars. Why so much?  Ummm....because there is HELLA FOOD at the park. Us big people LOVE FOOD. And you would want to try everything in that place. From a turkey leg to all the desserts they offer. Did I mention that they have an all you can eat BBQ place...yeah...GRUB ON !! You are going to do a lot of walking anyways so fuck it...EAT, EAT and EAT !!!

Third... Ok, if you ask any fat dude what they miss most about being skinny...80% will tell you "Rollercoasters". Seriously...we miss the shit out of it. But guess what my fat family...Disneyland is pretty much Fat people friendly. Most of it at least. Space Mountain and California Screamin may give problems to some bigger people but it wouldn't hurt to try. The seats sometimes will be tight as hell but can still ride it. Trust me...I'm a pretty big dude and I constantly asked my friends if I could fit in this ride and that ride and etc. And I didn't have a problem =) *THUMBS UP FOR FAT FRIENDLY RIDES* 

Fourth... For the Halloween get HELLA CANDY !!! There are a lot of candy stations around the park during the Halloween Party and man, you rack up so much candy. I walked out of there with at least 7 pounds of candy. They try to go healthy and give you healthy snacks. My advice on those is skip the carrots and go straight for the apple slices and apple crisps. So if you are planning to attend the Halloween Party next year...Bring a big empty bag and get yo candy on !!!

That is pretty much it. You will be sore no matter what so bring some ibuprofen or something. The experience is great. I'm already planning my next trip and trying to future budget for it. There is so much to do and so much to EAT. I seriously want to try everything in that park. Hope you guys enjoy this post.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sink or Swim...

Hey guys !!!

So in a Fat Mans Life, we fear certain things. I'm not talking about snakes, spiders or etc. Anybody can fear those. What I'm talking about is things a skinny person won't usually fear and a big man would. I'm not going to name all of them because you know I got spread it around my blog.

This first fear you wouldn't think would scare a big guy or gal. Well, scare is a powerful word...more like worry.

Intro story...

My boys and I planned to hangout one Sunday afternoon to watcg 49ers game. We planned out on who would bring what and yadada. But oh wait, we're going to Kevin's house this time. I never been to Kevin's house but that's ok. Ain't no biggie right? Sunday comes and we all arrive and get the grill going. BBQ smelling so damn good I resist to go and get me a small sample piece. We grub before the game starts. 1:00pm hits and Niners are ready to kick off. We all gather in the living room and choose our spots. I grab the middle part of the couch and I sink down in this motha'. Nobody says shit because I'm sure no one is trippin but me. 

OK!!! So at this point, Big people got a few options.

1. We can try and get up and find us a chair and risk looking like a "BIG DUDE" getting off that damn couch.

2. We can just nut up and not say anything for the rest of the game. Meaning no bathroom breaks and the only way we could get ourselves a drink or food is if someone else is already heading to the kitchen and we ask them to get us stuff.

3. Or we can wait till half-time. Everybody will probably go to the bathroom, grab another beer or more food or what not. We need to take advantage of this moment and just get the fuck up and get a new spot in the living room that would give us easy access to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Some of you may be wondering what is so wrong sitting down on a couch that sinks a little. For a skinny dude it may not be a major problem, but to us Big causes problems.

Yeah, we may be comfortable on the outside, but we sure hell is uncomfortable in the inside. You start talking to yourself and shit..."I wonder if I can get off this couch without making a scene or asking for help" "I wonder if I can get off this couch on my own by just shifting my weight forward"

All this shit travels through our heads during this time.

So in short, We dread sinking couches.

P.S. ..... FUCK HAMMOCKS !!!

FML !!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flying Blind....

Before I go into this new post of mine...I would just like to point out that I love all women. I've dated all types of women and truly believe that beauty is what you make it.  Blah Blah Blah...ok..enough of that touchy shit...

So as a guy, growing up...all I did was think about women. And over time, we all figure out what kind of person we want for ourselves. As we grow up, we surround ourselves with friends and try to hook each other up with someone. To play that wingman or winggal or whatever you girls call it.

Some of my close friends know the kind of girls I like. They learn through being around me and asking me. BUT THEN....I have people around me that ASSUME what kind of girl they should hook me up with.

Let me paint the picture really quick:

My friend and I are driving around the city because we are bored as hell. We are talking about life, sports and cracking jokes. We stop by a bar to chill for happy hour and just enjoy ourselves. Two women walk in. Both on the thicker side.

Friend: "Hey Playa, Check those honeys out. That's all you playa. Go handle that" (Note, he isn't joking around)
Me: (in my mind) (THIS MOTHERFUCKER) 

This D-BAG !!! My boy honestly thinks I should holla at every big girl that walks through the door. Obviously this is his first time wingmanning me up so I'm letting him slide on this. Hey, I would talk to any girl for whatever reason...just don't assume all I want are fat chicks. My boy is somewhat a nerd, but I'm not going to assume all he wants to talk to his some nerdy chick. I'm pretty sure he would like to talk to a slim big titty chick once and a while.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't really a pet peeve of mine or anything. But this is just more of a heads up.  Remember, I love all chicks. I will talk to any chick you put in front of me...okay, maybe not ANY chick...but you know what I mean.

I'm pretty sure this goes for women also. 

So, people....Don't assume that your big friend wants to hook up with another big person ALL THE TIME. And just doesn't go for you big friends. This goes for your pack, your bros and sistas, know what they want before you start just throwing them to random motherfuckers.

But to us big folks, it will happen once and a while, whether we like it or not....

Learn about your wingman or your partner in crime....or else...

FML !!!!